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Differential Displays: LITEFAST 360º

Ever imagine advertising your products on a 360º screen? Expose a concept or present an idea that can be seen from all angles? Imagination is now a reality. Visionary and innovative, LITEFAST is a transparent 360º display that uses the latest LED technology. It comes in the market with 3 models, various sizes and resolutions of screen, compatible with a series of formats, and with DVI and VGA connection.

If you are looking for a high quality equipment in the communication of image, text, sound and video, LITEFAST meets all the guarantees. The futuristic aesthetic of its cylindrical shape is a magnet for the attention and curiosity of those who move in the public spaces. A visual luxury that flat screens, LCD or Plasmas, can never offer. As good as they may be, they are still … plans. Galileo would certainly confirm this theory.

It’s no wonder, then, that 360-degree presentations attract triple views. In addition, the versatility and mobility that displays have in the physical space is another of the benefits to take into account. Read more

    Litefast Mini proves to be an excellent advertising medium in over-the-counter customer service locations. Small in size but aesthetically pleasing, its transparent display and the holographic presentation of the contents constitute a true visual appeal
    Imagine the monetization and the impact you can create in a hotel counter, a travel agency or in the window of a commercial shop …
    An innovative, convenient and aesthetic way to display advertising and information. Litefast Mini is available in MINI 18 and MINI 24 versions.
    Perfect for any type of video, advertisement or trailer, Litefast Motion is the ideal solution for point of sale and information. Its innovative LED technology delivers exceptional brightness and image contrast quality even in bright locations.But not only the image lives this multimedia platform. Also their varied sound options make Litefast Motion a powerful advertising and communication vehicle.Thinking about different market needs, Litefast Motion bets on a range of varying screen sizes and resolutions, which can reach 300 ”.

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