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ViaVai – Access Control

ViaVai – Access Control

It is the ideal solution for the control and the management of
access gates, enhancing the level of security and safety.
Available for all ThinKnx servers with KNX TP port on board
through a license code, it is possible to enable any standard
keypad of common use to enter the access code to an area,
and to control a KNX lock or switches installed on actuators.
The ThinKnx-Wiegand adapter will enable the communication
with Wiegand technology for the integration of biometric or
RFID readers.
Via Vai can be adapted to sectors where long-term expirations
are required such as service and industry sectors, but also
applies to the hospitality sector where credentials are usually
short-term and remote management is required.
The configuration of the access control topology with all its
readers, areas and roles is done from the one and only
ThinKnx UP Configurator, while the management of the users,
areas and schedules is done from the manager’s web page.
ThinKnx server allows to create complex access control and
presence monitoring systems while using:
• KNX standard keypads
• Dedicated access control KNX keypad
• Any reader with Wiegand technology
• Any KNX actuator to operate locks
Access control up to 2 gates (VAI2) is included in any ThinKnx
Pro Line device.

Ref: VAI3-10

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