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ThinKnx Piccolo

ThinKnx Piccolo

Piccolo is a multitasking device that is particularly
indicated for in-room management of different
scenarios such as residential buildings or hotels.
It acts as client of either Pro line or Trend line devices.
The 4” screen, the embedded temperature and
humidity sensors allow to use it as thermostat, for the
management and setting of temperature in each room.
It is also possible to launch sceneries of set thermal
comfort modality to grant the right temperature at the
right time.
The graphic is characterized by unlimited number of
pages and a full set of predefined widgets, fully
customized by the end user even with favorite pages.
The design of the device combined with presence of
these kind of sensors, make them well accepted by
interior design since they can replace multiple
cumbersome devices.
In hospitality, Piccolo can be used as customized
interactive Front Door plate. The pages can be
designed to show camera number and hotel logo in
addition to signaling the status of the room (do not
disturb and/or make up room. The ring button can be
part of the graphic.
Additional pages permit to interact with the Access
control system using for example a QRcode.
It is available in Black color.
Technical features:
• Capacitive 4” touch screen
• Resolution 480×480
• Standard Automation
• Ethernet and Wi-fi connection
• AC 115-230V or PoE (option)
• Widgets list view
• Camera monitoring
• Temperature and humidity sensors



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