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ThinKnx Micro Server

ThinKnx Micro Server

Completely restyled in its drive electronics, Micro has
become a more powerful device, even more
performing. Native KNX, it enables the user to control
lights, blinds, thermostat and all the available
functionalities of a professional automation plant.
It is able to elaborate complex logic operations on the
data read by KNX bus. Recorded data can also be
stored and visualized through charts on the client’s
application, or sent via e-mail. The use of IR
transmitters allows to control TVs and different
multimedia devices through smart phones or tablets. It
provides integration for IP doorcoms, Philips Hue and
MyHome BTicino. The power supply is included.
Technical features:
• Fanless processing device optimized for continuous operation
• Suite Thinknx PRO
• Linux operating system
• Internal solid state memory
• Powerful multicore CPU
• 1x KNX TP port
• 1x Ethernet 10/100 port
• 1x USB port
• KNX net/IP interface/router
• Real time internal clock
• KNX traffic led
• Power 9-24Vdc (power supply included)
• Desktop mounting


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