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Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55

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The MDT Motion Detector / Automatic Switch with light sensor detects the smallest movements using 2 pyro detectors and a high-resolution lens. Two separate lighting channels, one HVAC channel and one channel for room monitoring can be configured. The room brightness is measured by the integrated light sensor and made available as an object. The version with temperature sensor and two sensor buttons (SCN-BWM55T.x2) is an all-rounder if you have many corridors and rooms.

The MDT Motion Detector 55 fits into the switch lines of leading manufacturers, such as:


  • GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit
  • BERKER S1, B3, B7
  • JUNG A 500, A PLUS, A CREATION, AS 500, A550, A FLOW
  • MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure


  • GIRA E2
  • BERKER B3, B7
  • JUNG A550
  • MERTEN M-Pure

Product features

  • Fits 55 mm systems / ranges
  • Motion detector with 2 pyro sensors and light sensor
  • Two freely programmable sensor keys (SCN-BWMxxT.G2 only)
  • Temperature sensor (SCN-BWMxxT.G2 only)
  • Motion detection angle H 180° / V 15°, coverage 6 – 10 m Ø
  • Suitable for pets up to 12 kg
  • Sensitivity separately adjustable for day / night / presence
  • Detects the direction of movement
  • 2 light channels, 1 channel for HVAC and alarm
  • Short-time presence to reduce follow-up time
  • Master / slave function, scenes and logic functions
  • Integrated white LED night light
  • Day / night function, orientation light function
  • Lock and forced guidance function
  • External push-button input for automatic and manual operation
  • Recommended installation height: 1.05 – 1.20 m
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty


Date Version Downloads
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
From ETS5.7.x
07/23 V5.1.2.1 add to download list
Productdatabase ETS5/6 12/22 V4.4a add to download list
Functional overview add to download list
Datasheet add to download list
Assembly and operational instructions add to download list
Technical manual add to download list
Tender texts
Available Variants of this series:
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM55.02, MDT
Colour: Pure white matt
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM55.G2, MDT
Colour: Pure white gloss
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM5506.02, MDT
Colour: Black matt
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM55T.02, MDT
Colour: Pure white matt Temperature Sensor: Yes Sensor Buttons: Yes
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM55T.G2, MDT
Colour: Pure white gloss Temperature Sensor: Yes Sensor Buttons: Yes
Motion Detector/Automatic Switch 55 - SCN-BWM55T06.02, MDT
Colour: Black matt Temperature Sensor: Yes Sensor Buttons: Yes

Additional information


SCN-BWM55.02, SCN-BWM55.G2, SCN-BWM5506.02, SCN-BWM55T.02, SCN-BWM55T.G2, SCN-BWM55T06.02




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