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KNX Presence Detector 360° L3 TS, White matt finish

KNX Presence Detector 360° L3 TS, White matt finish

KNX Presence Detector 360° L3 TS, White matt finish. KNX Presence Detector with 3 sensors and temperature sensor. Version for installation in hollow ceilings. 3 sensors with lens for presence detection. Adjustable trigger- and Presence sensitivity for day, night and Alarm. Range 11 m Ø, presence 5 m Ø. 3 light channels, individual evaluation of sensors. 1 HVAC and 1 alarm / notification channel. Energy saving through efficient control according to demand. Short time presence to reduce the time lapse. Integrated Temperature sensor. Input for an external Push Button with release time. Intelligent switchover function for automatic / manual operation. Blocking- and forced function with release time. Extensive day / night function with 2nd switching object. Integrated white LED night light. Orientation light function for leaving the room. Avoidance of false reports of the alarm channel by sensitivity reduction and observation window adjustability. Flush installation, drill hole diameter 44 mm. Installation depth: 41 mm. Integrated bus coupler. 3 year warranty.


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