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KNX Glass LED Indicator, Black

KNX Glass LED Indicator, Black

KNX Glass LED Indicator, Black. With 12 RGB LED, Integrated BCU. 12 independently switchable RGB LED. Labeling foil to be inserted behind the glass front, labeling film included. 3 objects for each LED. 5 states for each LED possible (value=0, value=1, 2 priority objects, failure of an object). 8 logical blocks with 8 inputs each (8 objects). 4 modules to compare telegrams. Brightness in 2 steps adjustable. Day/night object. Deactivation/reduction of the brightness. Presence/absence object. Drop out monitoring for objects with report function. Object with report function (e.g. absence or window opened). Dimensions (W x H): 92 mm x 92 mm. Integrated bus coupling unit. 3 year warranty.


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