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DALI Control 64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC

DALI Control 64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC

DALI Control 64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC. The gateway is DALI-2 certified. With dimmable colour adjustment by HSV control. Individual control of up to 64 ECGs / 16 DALI groups. Supports DALI and DALI-2 standard, as well as DALI ECG DT6 / DT8. Innovative HSV color control, RGB, RGBW and XY colour according to DALI DT8 standard. Tunable White, color temperature control. Integrated colour control module for time dependent controlling of the luminous colour in up to 300 steps. Operation modes like normal operation, continuous operation, night operation, stairwell and panic operation, Manual operation. 16 scenes with individual dimming times. Energy saving function for switching off the ECGs in the DALI groups (via additional KNX switch actuator). Fault detection of lamp faults and faulty ECGs. Quick exchange of ECG. Free DCA app for commissioning the DALI bus system and configuration of the scenes and time control. Commissioning with ETS5. 3 year warranty.


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