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Binary Inputs BE

Binary Inputs BE


The MDT Binary Input BE, for example, makes conventional push-buttons, switches, window and auxiliary contacts “smart” for KNX. The comprehensive application provides the suitable parameters for various applications. Versions for floating contacts, 24 V AC/DC and 230 V AC are available.

Product features

  • To connect push-buttons or window / auxiliary contacts
  • New multi-touch function, sends up to 4 values / DPTs on the same or diffrent objects
  • Innovative group control with long / extra long button press
  • 4 integrated logic modules, e.g. evaluation of the inputs (e.g. window closed or sending second object)
  • NO or NC contact operation, sending contact status
  • Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation
  • Forced setting function for each output
  • Scenes, block objects for each channel
  • Operation with short / long button push and 2 objects
  • Integrated pulse and switching counters with extensive counter functions (suitable for 30 ms S0 pulses)
  • Cyclical sending, sending after reset
  • Internally generated contact voltage of 12 V
  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty


Version Downloads
Productdatabase ETS5/6
from ETS5.7x
V3.2a add to download list
Functional overview add to download list
Datasheet add to download list
Assembly and operational instructions add to download list
Technical manual add to download list
CAD-drawing add to download list
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BE-04000.02, BE-04024.02, BE-04230.02, BE-08000.02, BE-08024.02, BE-08230.02, BE-16000.02, BE-16024.02, BE-16230.02, BE-32000.02




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