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Document Management & Workflow Systems

The dynamics of an increasingly globalised and competitive world increases the complexity of the business environment. In this context, Document Management, Information Technology, Institutional Image and other intelligent solutions are key success factors to ensure a high level of integration, effectiveness and expertise to organisations.

Microsoft, S.A. has been in the market since 1981 and its experience is based on 37 years of documentary activity in the markets of Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.

Microsoft strategy

Our area of activity started being dedicated exclusively to the documentary Universe, involving all the Documentation issues in organizations, dealing with basic problems of organization to its total dematerialization and digital conversion format, as well as document file management.

Solutions and Services

  • Environmental File Management
  • Creation Institutional Access Portal
  • Process Management – Workflow
  • Corporate Identity Processes
  • Management of Documentation Centres and Libraries
  • Rendering of Services and File Recovery
  • Specific Solutions and Business Intelligence
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